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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Google Acquisitions in last one-year period

Google Acquisitions in last one-year period

Google is the King of search engine and Online advertising market. I heard so many news of Google acquisitions in past few months. All the Google deals are major and most are related to online advertising market.

Buying some companies Google is aiming to compete with Microsoft products like Microsoft Office and tools. You can find the Google's corporate acquisition list here.

Some of the major acquisitions are:

Green Border Technologies
Marratech AB’s Video Conferencing Software
Tonic Systems
Gapminder’s Trendalyzer Software
Adscape Media
Jotspot, Inc.
YouTube, Inc

These are some of the deals that recently took place and no doubt Google will keep the same graph in future also.

So after few years there will be no competitor for Google in online advertising. Right? This is what I think!


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Friday, June 01, 2007

Top Online Money making scams

In today's Internet world there is nothing hot than the Internet money making opportunities. Most of the people fails making money online or become the fraud target. quite few people enjoy the success in this Internet money making scams.

I will not say that all are the scams but you should be quite opened eyed when doing any such business or deal. Elaine Currie listed some of the scams on site-reference.

According to Elaine most of the fraud techniques are as below:
1. Money Doublers
2. Chain Emails
3. Get Paid To Autosurf : Surf and earn
4. Email Processing: Get paid for processing and sending mails.
5. High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP): Small deposit for High returns
6. The Advance Fee Scam: Transferring money to our account scam.

These are some of the scams that are on high trend nowadays. Who knows in future which tricks will be used for making such frauds.

There are many opportunities for scams in Domain business. One of my friend was just escaped from the Domain transferring scam. In this scam you will get a mail stating that the person is interested in your domain name and want to bu it, and he will ask you the price. When you reply with price he will tell you to make domain appraisal from his trustworthy service and then only he will buy the domain. When you make your domain appraisal from his service he will no more be interested in your domain!

So the bottom line is, be cautious doing any kind of online business with never met person!


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