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Friday, May 25, 2007

Unique Email ID for every Indian by Microsoft

Unique Email to indians by Microsoft Microsoft announced that they will give a unique Email address to every indian. This service is featured by Windows Hotmail. Indians can choose any email Id they want like using the custom domain feature.

This service currently started as Beta by domain name for the residence of Lokhandwala in Mumbai.

Jaspreet Bindra, Country Head, MSN India and Windows Live said "Email needs to connect with the user in a deeper way and this will be possible with custom domain ids powered by Windows Live Hotmail. MSN India believes that there is a need to move email from just a being a service to becoming an extension of a consumer's personality and identity. We aim to deliver an email id for every kind of Indian, which truly reflects their identity and personality. This is our way of offering more from one's email,".

"With this service advertisers can now look to reach out to specific user segments whose interests and personalities align with their brands. This initiative even offers advertisers the opportunity to create a custom id for their own brand loyalists," said Rajnish Head of Digital Marketing Revenue and Strategic Business, MSN India.

Users can use this service for login into Hotmail Live accounts also.

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