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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Test the Google Blogger Product and earn $100 per hour

Earn upto $100 just playing with Blogger! Google announced that test Blogger and they will pay the users on their feedback on the google blogger product.

This is a usability study by Google to make sure that they are on right track for these product performance.

There are four options to participate in this study program:
Usability study at a Google office: This one to one study by you and google team either in any of Google office.

Remote usability study: This is basically on telephone. Google representative will call you and ask you to try google product and give feedback on it.

Field study: Google member will sit with you at your place to conduct this study.

Online survey: You will answer the questions on web or by email from your computer.

So if you want to take part in any type of study sign up here.
For more FAQ's about this study visit earn money for testing Blogger FAQ's.

So have fun if you are enjoy testing and also be ready for the opportunity to learn the Google office culture.

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