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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Report Paid Links to Google

Google has given a good feature to report the Spam links pages or websites.
Many people might be asking to Google for these feature. Google is basically providing these features to improve their search quality.

Now Most people want to report the paid link websites that trade any type of paid links to improve the page rank. In future Goolge may think on this to add new separate feature to report Paid links. In current situation if anybody wants to report such paid link site then they can do this by filling report Spam form.

If you want to report Spam without reveling your information then you can do this here.
Mention specifically 'paidlinks' world while reporting span links.

Here is what Google saying about spam, "We appreciate your taking the time to help us improve our service for your fellow users around the world. By helping us eliminate spam, you're saving millions of people time, effort and energy".

Lets help them to clean the net garbage (according to me :-) Coz its not possible for publishers like me to purchase paid links)


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