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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Common blogging mistakes

As I am trying hard to increase my blog readership, I learn lot of the blogging ins and outs.

As a blogger you may have success but i think it comes for hard work only.

A majority of bloggers make some common mistakes and those who learns from these mistakes can have success knocking at their doorstep.

These common mistakes are:
1) Concentrating on blog design only: Some bloggers forget the thing that blog content and marketting your blog is the main thing to promote the blog! Again Marketting is the most important thing for a good content!

2) Meaningless post titles: In order to get the most targeted keywords in post title most of the bloggers forget the meaning of the post. So keep the title as simple and informative as it is.

3) To many posts: As I am the reader of many blogs out there, but its annoys me if I get too many posts from a single blog. So keep the number of posts limited per day say 2 to 4 is sufficient.

4) To many adds: Yes you want money from your blog but you should keep in mind that too many adds on the blog makes the reader confusing in between your content. And most of them will never come back loosing your blog readership! So keep the adds limited, doing this you can even make more money.

5) Changing blog URl domain frequently : One sure way to loose your readers is changing the blog domain or url. Do not change the blog title or Domain for a established blog. Decide ten times before choosing the right domain name for your blog!

You can learn many things from these common mistakes made by bloggers.


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