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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Money in DOMAIN names ..


I am writing this post in interest of public who don’t know
one big source of income !

Here one article will explain the importance of the domain names.

Domain names don't require a huge investment,Like payment of real estate taxes, costs to fix up the building .
You can purchase domain names, all for a low registration fee.
If you have purchased domain names then you can check the value of your domain names at this free domain appraisal site:

You can sold domain names (which you don’t really using) for THOUSANDS of dollars!

Is there money in domain names?

BIG money!
Many domains names which were registered for just six or seven dollars are now selling for tens of thousands of dollars.
Others have sold for SIX FIGURES!

And there is a very closed-lip, tightly-knit groupof smart entrepreneurs who know how to find domains that are expiring, and turn them into GOLD.
Some of them resell expired domains, while others enjoy a flow of new traffic that can be used to makemore money with AdSense or any other revenue stream derived from traffic.

So in next some post I will tell how to purchase domains and what should be the domain names ..


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